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Google Introduces New Keyword Tool

Google recently announced they are confident enough with the testing on their new keyword tool that they're now ready for it to go live.


This is important information for those using AdWords. Users should be aware that the release of the new tool means previous "Keyword Tool" and "Search-based Keyword Tool" are no longer available. There is now only one single keyword tool available upon login to your account.


According to Google, the tool offers easy keyword refinement (users can filter results by word or keyword match type), negative keywords (easily add keyword ideas as negatives right from your keyword list), advanced options (view stats for mobile search and more), and flexible search options (search by any combination of keywords, category, and website and receive a single set of results).


Early reviews indicate that users miss the old tools, citing that the new one takes longer to use and run. Hopefully this isn't the case long-term for users who rely on this program daily for their businesses.



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