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A picture is worth a thousand words and nowhere does this prove truer than in search engine optimization.

No RX Stromectol, Google recently confirmed that they are updating Google Images search index at a much faster rate than before. This means that there is a possibility that your blog might be found through your images first before your normal blog posts.

SEO experts always emphasize correct tagging of images and the use of relevant keywords on your images, Stromectol mexico. 100mg Stromectol, This has become even more important with the rapid rate that Google includes new images into their index.

Correctly tagging your images and using keywords with them could get you more traffic than expected. As a marketer, 50mg Stromectol, 500mg Stromectol, it is really important to maximize the opportunities inherent in this. Two things stand out loud and clear: accompany blog posts with images and optimize the images for search engines by using keyword terms.

Do you already use images in your blogposts, 30mg Stromectol. 10mg Stromectol, Has this significantly affected the rate of traffic to our blog that you receive over a certain period?

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