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Google Shares Strategies For Display Advertising

Google updated its official blog yesterday with a post addressing its efforts to increase  its display advertising market. 5 key principles were addressed, which are as condensed follows: making life more efficient, total revenue management, more insight and control, betting on openness, and everything is going to be "display".


Google cites a focus on small publishers in the body of its post, indicating goals to enable advertisers to click on a button at the publisher's site and upload an advertisement, pay for it immediately with a credit card, and then deliver the ad within a matter of minutes. This idea of an "immediate ad" works to level the playing field for advertisers and streamline the whole process.


Google also had plans to introduce a new ad server that can learn where and when a given ad will get the best response. A server like this can predict future events for publishers and keep them from wasting money with ads displayed on holidays or other historically slow internet traffic times.


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