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Toprol For Sale, Sites that focus solely on the display of other people’s content like content farms are now on Google’s radar. 50mg Toprol, Google has decided to make a lot of algorithmic changes that would focus on the reduction of spam from search results and give higher ranking to top quality sites with unique content.


Google’s Matt Cutts in a blog post described content farms as sites with shallow or low quality content and wrote about a new document level classifier. “As we’ve increased both our size and freshness in recent months, Toprol canada, 200mg Toprol, we’ve naturally indexed a lot of good content and some spam as well. To respond to that challenge, Toprol ebay, 750mg Toprol, we recently launched a redesigned document-level classifier that makes it harder for spammy on-page content to rank highly. The new classifier is better at detecting spam on individual web pages, 500mg Toprol, 150mg Toprol, e.g., repeated spammy words—the sort of phrases you tend to see in junky, Toprol paypal, Toprol overseas, automated, self-promoting blog comments, Toprol craiglist. We’ve also radically improved our ability to detect hacked sites, which were a major source of spam in 2010, Toprol For Sale. 100mg Toprol, And we’re evaluating multiple changes that should help drive spam levels even lower, including one change that primarily affects sites that copy others’ content and sites with low levels of original content, Toprol mexico. Toprol us, We’ll continue to explore ways to reduce spam, including new ways for users to give more explicit feedback about spammy and low-quality sites.”


This has sparked a lot of debates across the web community in particular with reference to news sites and other sites that feature primarily, Toprol coupon, 250mg Toprol, the content of others but are not spammy content farms. A few questions were raised in the Webmasterworld forum about Wikipedia and, 1000mg Toprol, Toprol australia, which it was pointed out, were content farms that always ranked highly on Google’s search results, 20mg Toprol. Toprol japan, The fate of these and others like Demand Studio; rests in the hands of Google. For other smaller sites though, Toprol uk, Toprol india, if they specialize in scrapping other people’s work and replicate other sites in order to get higher ranking, Google is keeping a sharp eye on them.


The number of content farms on the internet and spammy sites are countless, 10mg Toprol. 30mg Toprol, One wonders if Google will truly be able to keep their word where this is concerned and actually penalize the sites that carry ‘shallow or low quality content.’ What do you think?


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