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No RX Temovate, It was reported here that Groupon turned down Google’s bid to acquire it; this came after the online community was rife with rumors and speculation. After being turned down by Groupon, Temovate ebay, Temovate mexico, Google seems to be on the haunt for another coupon service site.

This was reported a few days ago by Josh Kosman who broke the news that Google was in talks with smaller rivals of Groupon. He noted that “The deal talks show that the search giant is intent on jumping into the fast-growing local coupon market.”

Google had earlier offered $6 billion to acquire Groupon, 50mg Temovate, Temovate paypal, which the deals site rejected. This did not deter Google even though the general speculation was that it would build its own coupon site, 40mg Temovate. 20mg Temovate, However, it seems Google would rather buy one of the smaller Groupon rivals, Temovate japan, Temovate overseas, which might turn out to be to the advantage of consumers.

Do you use Groupon to promote your business or have you used it as a consumer. What other deals site would you recommend and why, 30mg Temovate. 150mg Temovate, Share with us in the comment section below.

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