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Google Unwraps a New Look

Google has not done a major update for their images since 2001 and the new look is designed to reduce the amount of clicks to get to the image you are seeking as well as provide more information about the image all without having to keep clicking through to get the result.


When you now do a basic search for an image you will now get up to 1000 images on a single page, this is called infinite scroll while you navigate down through the page seeking your perfect image. Google will also provide a thumbnail for you to preview and it will pop up when you hover your pointer over the image. Along with that image pop up you will be given the URL information of its location.


Those using Microsoft’s Bing Image will find this similar interface with it’s own version of infinite scroll.


Google has announced to advertisers that their Images Search pages will be able to be insert an image into their text ads. The thought is it will catch the eye to users that are on those ads which will generate more traffic for Google’s advertisers.


Only 10 percent of Google Images are currently release on the new interface and the rest is planned to be released over the coming week.


Seems good news for everyone all around!



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