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Google Warns Search Users of Sites that Might be Compromised

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With the recent spate of hackers’ activities on various sites across the internet, Google has found it necessary to inform users when a site that is listed in its search engine has been compromised.

The aim of this is to protect users from visiting sites that have been hacked into and its contents tampered with. Once such a site shows up in a search result, there will be a message displayed under the particular search result saying ‘This site may be compromised.’ A click on this text will take the user to a page in Google’s help center explaining that the site might have been hacked or compromised in some way or the other.

In a blog post, Google explained that they “use a variety of automated tools to detect common signs of a hacked site as quickly as possible. When we detect something suspicious, we’ll add the notification to our search results. We’ll also do our best to contact the site’s webmaster via their Webmaster Tools account and any contact email addresses we can find on the webpage. We hope webmasters will also appreciate these notices, because it will help you more quickly discover when someone may be abusing your site so you can correct the problem.”

For webmasters whose sites might contain these warning labels, Google assures that once the problem is fixed, the warning label automatically disappears from the search results. A review of a site can also be requested to facilitate the process.


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