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Google’s Social Experiment

Keeping up with real-time social networking websites and functionality, Google has rolled out their own real-time, intuitive functionality that is certain to play a major role in how people connect with each other through blogs and websites in the months ahead. Google has introduced their Social Search feature, which is just in the beginning 'Lab' stages for all social marketers and those who have signed up with a Google profile.

The point of Google Social Search, which is explained here on Google's own blog, is to create a more personalized experience for those who are searching. With this new feature, you'll have the opportunity to find your friends' blogs, websites, and social profiles more easily. For example, if you live in New York and do a simple query in Google's search engine for "New York," some of what will pop up in your personalized search results are websites, blogs, and social profile updates from your friends.

Of course, the one caveat to all this right now is that Google Social Search can be used only if a person searching is signed into their Google account. The social profiles, blogs, Twitter messages, and websites of people that you're connected to and who you've added to your Google profile will show up in relevant search results.

The potential for Google Social Search has yet to be tested, but consider the possibilities. Blog marketers and company blogs will now have a chance to get in front of local consumers by posting regular updates and important news and information about their business. Consumers will have faster access to their friends' profiles and will have the chance to expand their social network. While Google Social Search is just in its testing phase for the search engine giant, you can bet that it will play a major role in how online marketing is done in the near future.


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