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Is Facebook Going to China?

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook recently took his vacation in China. While there he visited Baidu and had talks with Baidu CEO, Robin Li. Even though what was talked about has not been disclosed, there is so much speculation about whether Facebook is thinking of entering the China market.

American companies have had a lot of challenges operating in China with Google the most prominent in the minds of people. Just recently, the Chinese government, known for its censorship policies, launched a Twitter alternative.

Kaiser Kuo, Director of International Communications at Baidu, signified that an entry into China by Facebook might be a welcome addition. He stated that “Facebook entry into China would be fraught with challenges but personally I believe that having Facebook in China, even if it were compelled to abide by China’s strict censorship requirements, would still be better than not having it here. I believe that it would be a net positive for China’s Internet users. More connectivity is better than less. I felt the same way when Google entered China and acquiesced to the demands of censors: Even though they were censored, they nevertheless helped to expand the information horizons of Chinese Internet users, and I’m very thankful that some compromise was arrived at.”

Facebook has never showed any fear in going where others fear to tread nor have they balked at challenges. It would be worth watching to see if Facebook succeeds where Google has been having difficulties.

Is there any area in your business you are thinking of expanding? What are the challenges you are facing; how can you overcome them?


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