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Buy Hormone Over The Counter, As an internet entrepreneur, your most valuable asset is your Trademark. The major goal of online businesses is to get your brand to the state where it becomes a verb; like Google or Facebook, 500mg Hormone. 150mg Hormone, A key part of protecting your Trademark is your domain name. Although Trade Practice Laws across the world are slowly coming up to speed and focusing on Trademark infringements online, Hormone india, Hormone craiglist, the keyword to note here is slowly as there are many instances of Trademark infringement that the law has not yet touched. Besides, 10mg Hormone, Hormone canada, most fledgling businesses cannot afford a long, extensive court process, 100mg Hormone. What happens when your domain name gets pinched, buy Hormone Over The Counter. 50mg Hormone, Groupon, the online deals company is facing that problem.

Groupon has been consistently growing and has grown so much that it has spread to thirty seven different countries, Hormone australia. Hormone us, Now it is ready to step into Australia except, the name ‘Groupon’ in Australia is already registered by another deals company, 40mg Hormone. Hormone overseas, The domain name is also taken by this local company, which used to be Scoopon, 750mg Hormone. Hormone ebay, To make it worse, the former Scoopon went a step further and applied for the Trademark for the name Groupon.

This turn of events has left Groupon in a tight state of affairs, Hormone coupon. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, Expressing their frustration with the whole state of affairs, Groupon stated on its blog

The way we see things, this is a classic case of domain squatting – an unfortunate reality of the Internet business. Hormone usa, As Groupon became internationally known, opportunistic domain squatters around the world started to buy local Groupon domain names, 200mg Hormone, 1000mg Hormone, thinking that we’d eventually be forced to buy them at an insane price. In fact, Hormone japan, 250mg Hormone, we tried to do just that, reluctantly offering Gabby and Hezi Leibovich about $286, 20mg Hormone, 30mg Hormone, 000 for the domain and trademark—an offer they accepted. But now they’ve changed their minds, Hormone mexico, Hormone uk, and we believe that they’ll only sell us the domain and trademark if we’re willing to buy the entire Scoopon business from them. Left with no other options, Hormone paypal, we’ve filed a lawsuit against Scoopon, claiming that their Groupon trademark was filed in bad faith (amongst other things).

Unfortunately, it could take a over a year to resolve our lawsuit. In the meantime, rather than continue to wait, we plan to grow in Australia under a tentative name, currently Stardeals.

There are huge lessons to learn from the challenge Groupon is facing.

1, buy Hormone Over The Counter. Protect your property. Your Trademark and domains are your assets. Of course you would hardly be expected to go around the world applying for Trademarks in every country. But do your best to protect your domain names. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, If you can afford it, buy .com, .org, .info, .tv, .name as many as you can to keep another business from cashing in on your hard earned conversions.

2. The second lesson to learn has been from Groupon’s reaction. As an online business, you will come across setbacks. How those setbacks are handled is what sets a big player apart from the little players in the dot com world. As frustrating as the situation must be for Groupon, they have looked for a way around it while they are dealing with the issue. Business goes on.

These are profound lessons to incorporate in your online business. Protect your assets and overcome challenges.

How do you keep your assets (including copyright) safe online?


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