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Make Money from Your Site with CAPTCHA Ads has developed a new technology platform which utilizes secure CAPTCHA verification to spread branding messages with the active involvement of consumers. Advertisers can use this interactive platform to spread their brand.

The publisher’s (blog or site owner’s) benefit from this is two-fold. ADSCAPTCHA will share advertising revenue with publishers therefore as a publisher you can ensure the security of your site (from spammers) and make money in the process.

Advertisers are given a space to display either image or video and their choice of relevant text or phrase that will be typed in by the user. This is a ‘pay per type’ technology that charges advertisers only for messages that are correctly inputted. This form of CAPTCHA typing is less invasive thereby giving users a better experience without compromising the security of the site.

If you are tired of fighting spammers without alienating the users on your site with difficult to read CAPTCHA words, ADSCAPTCHA is providing a less intrusive alternative, which lets you make money in the bargain. The video below gives a clear illustration of how ADSCAPTCHA works.


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