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Microsoft Introduces a New Version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced that the newest version of its browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 9 is now available for download. Skeptics of previous version may want to give IE another chance, as it's being touted as the most ambitious browser Microsoft has ever taken on.

Why is IE9 getting such great reviews? It comes built with a new system of warning users about malicious downloads, and also gives warnings when add-ons are slowing down performance. As far as speed, reports say it's faster than IE8 and Firefox, yet still slower than Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

IE9 allows users to pin sites to the Windows 7 taskbar,  just like they'd do with applications, creating a shortcut. The sites can actually program "jump lists" for these pinned sites, making common tasks easy for users. Sites can even program notifications when the users pins them in a task bar.

Users of IE9 can take advantage of double browsing, which will be a familiar feature to those with Windows 7. This technology involves allowing users to "snap" browser windows together for side-by-side views.

Microsoft intends to put sites front and center of the new browser, offering a richer experience. It will be interesting to see how the new browser is received and what kind of "bugs" are found as more people use it.


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