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New Gmail Feature: Reverse Contact Delete

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Revealed: How to Use Twitter’s New Search for Greater Social Exposure

Revealed: How to Use Twitter’s New Search for Greater Social Exposure

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Email Exchange between Cutts and Site Pro News Reveals New SEO Rules

Email Exchange between Cutts and Site Pro News Reveals New SEO Rules

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Will the New Google Offers Be a Groupon Killer?

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Google introduced a new feature to Gmail that would let users undo any changes they have made to their contacts over a 30 day period.

A lot of online businesses prefer to use Google’s Gmail for their email solutions. It is really very convenient and since it syncs so well with Google Calendar and Google docs, it solves a lot of would-be problems. If you are one of the many Gmail users, Google has decided to introduce a change which might make your Gmail life easier.

A user could mistakenly have deleted a contact from their Gmail account. If this happens to you, you can easily go to your Gmail account and restore the version of your contacts list that you prefer.

This is certainly a useful feature to have. Have you deleted important contacts only to wish you hadn’t? Would this new Gmail feature have made life easier for you?


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