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New Twitter Tool Launched by LinkShare

If you are an affiliate marketer looking for fresh new ways to promote the products you have found, LinkShare may have the answer for you. LinkShare is a leading company in the affiliate marketing world. With over ten years of experience, this company has grown and developed into one of the best places for both small and large businesses alike to find online success.


With the help of industry leading technologies, LinkShare remains on top with yet another addition to its arsenal with this new #tweetshop twitter tool. This new tool will enable affiliate marketers to tweet about a given product and create a link for their readers to access with no muss no fuss. With social shopping gaining popularity, more people will be looking for things to buy online and will want to take the advice of others who they know. With this easy 5-step tool, more and more affiliate marketers will be able to see an increase in their revenue on twitter. As long as this technology is not abused, it will be the tool that will allow affiliate marketers to reach thousands more potential customers each and every day.


For more information on how this innovative new technology works, you can read more here:


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