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Picksie Offers Help For Hungry iPad Users

iPad users looking for a place to grab dinner or a bar to grab a few drinks have a new app to turn to for ideas. Picksie stands out from the pack of other similar apps as boasting location-based discovery features. This is great news for users who want something to do (or eat) right now, without having to leave their neighborhood or city.


Picksie gives recommendations based on location, the weather, tastes and preferences, the time of day, and day of the week. The app does this using a map-centric approach to discovery and shows color-coded results to users, making for an easy decision making process. The application even allows users to leave reviews, and upload photos and videos from the venue visited.


Recommendations come, in part, based on the behaviors of the app owner, meaning that as the app gets used more often, the recommendations will be more personalized. Similar applications haven't taken this into account, and instead, would just offer users what was trending in their area at the time.

Picksie is only available in San Francisco and New York City for the time being, but plans for additional financing should change that in the near future.


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