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PSAs on Its Way Out

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Plaxo Returns To Its Roots. Gets Out Of Social Media Game

Do you guys remember Plaxo? They had an online address book. They tried to get into the social media game. The company recently announced that it was abandoning the social media project and focusing solely on its address book product. In celebration of this transition, Plaxo is releasing some new fe.... More »

Amazon and Online Sales Tax Battle

NEWS ALERT: The relationship between the State of California and has now been severed. And it may be possible that more and more online businesses will cease operations in The Golden State. The reason for such an upheaval is rooted in a new law passed by the California legislature that.... More »
P&G’s Olympic Social Media Campaign Takes Gold for Brand Building

P&G’s Olympic Social Media Campaign Takes Gold for Brand Building

Anyone who has watched even a snippet of prime-time television over the past few weeks has likely been met head-on with those sappy commercials featuring Olympians and their moms. What you’ve probably also noticed (but been far less aware of) is that the incessant mom-thanking has permeated your.... More »
Breaking News: Panda Update and EMD Algorithm Rolling Out Now

Breaking News: Panda Update and EMD Algorithm Rolling Out Now

Buckle up, folks – it’s been a busy week for search. The folks at Google and co. have thrown webmasters yet another curve ball – and this one comes in the form of tandem algorithm updates. I write for quite a few tech blogs, and I just reported on the exact match domain (EMD) update a coup.... More »
Facebook Unveils Suite of Spanking New Marketing Tools

Facebook Unveils Suite of Spanking New Marketing Tools

A Facebook engineer recently announced the introduction of new marketing tools for Pages. The news came by way of a post on the official Facebook Developers Blog on Monday. In the post, Omid Saadati unveiled the new features in detail, and he noted the ways in which they would effectively simplify t.... More »

The Google AdSense has said they are in the process of retiring the famous Google AdSense PSA. The PSA stands for public service announcements. These are unpaid ads that show on publisher’s site when Google isn’t able to serve a paid ad due to various reasons.


The reasons varies from the Google system having not crawled all the pages of a site, to the site containing sensitive content, to the site using sensitive IDs in the URL. The PSA also shows up if the site has content that doesn’t comply with the Google program policies, as well as if the site content was written primarily in unsupported language among many other reasons.


The need for the change was informed because of feedbacks the Google team got from her non-profit partners. The official Google AdSense Blog stated:


We frequently review our product and feature offerings to ensure they’re as effective as possible. Based on these reviews and on feedback from our non-profit partners, we’ll gradually begin retiring public service ads (PSAs) from AdSense sites so that we can focus our efforts on developing new opportunities for these partners.

So, what happens to non-profit ads that has been a part of the Google AdSense since inception? Google is still committed to supporting their non-profit partners. With the extinction of PSA imminent, the only hope for “charity” ads is the Google Grant. The Blog stated that Google will continue to offer free AdWords advertising for these partners via Google Grants; the Google Grants program is just one part of our larger Google for non-profits initiative.


What it all means is that Google will in no time start serving empty spaces in place of PSAs, so you might want to update the settings for your backup ads today. Sign in to your account and follow the instructions for the interface you’re using:

New AdSense interface: Visit the My Ads page and select the ad unit you’d like to update. Then, change the settings for ‘Backup ads.’

Old AdSense interface: Visit the Manage Ads page under the My Account tab, and click ‘Edit Ad Settings’ for the unit you’d like to change.


If you are of the opinion that PSA should remain, why not leave a comment with us giving us reasons why you think Google is making a mistake.



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