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Amazon Increases Revenue Percentage for Newspaper and Magazine Publishers

Amazon announced this morning that newspaper and magazine publishers will now be qualified for a larger share of proceeds from their titles in the Kindle store. The new percentage of revenue to be earned was set at 70 percent of the retail price, not counting the cost of delivery.

This new system will be put into practice from December 1, 2010 and is quite a leap from the previous 30 percent which newspaper and magazine publishers earned from each of their titles that was sold through the Kindle Store.

Publishers will have to make sure that the Kindle and Kindle applications can assess their titles before they can qualify for this new split in revenue. These new terms unfortunately, do not apply to blog publishers.

What do you think of these new terms? Don't you wish you were publishing a periodical? Should they have applied to blog publishers as well? Tell us what you think.


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