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Flexeril For Sale

Flexeril For Sale, If you are an merchant it is important to know that scammers might be sending out fake receipts in your name. This was discovered by GFI Software, Flexeril us. 150mg Flexeril, There is a free software available online that allows a user to generate a HTML receipt for non-existent Purchases. All the scammer has to do is produce the fake receipt and email the seller claiming to have missed some of the items or asking for a refund.

According to GFI, 200mg Flexeril, 100mg Flexeril, even though the receipt looks authentic enough and could very easily be mistaken for the genuine thing, it is still possible to detect a fake, Flexeril japan. 250mg Flexeril, One way to do that would be to check the orange order number at the head of the receipt since those are randomly chosen from a set of looping numbers each time the ‘Order Number’ button is clicked on by the scammer.

If you are not sure or have some suspicions about a receipt you have received, contact for clarifications, Flexeril mexico. Flexeril australia, If it is a scammer there would most likely be no record of the sale.

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