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Discount Toprol, In the UK, the Regulators have decided to impose stringent measures on sponsored posts that appear on social networking sites and microblogging services, particularly


The UK Office of Fair Trading began an investigation of Handpicked Media, a blog network. Toprol us, The issue was that the company and its agents were publishing sponsored posts without providing full disclosure to consumers that these posts had been paid for. Months after the investigation was instituted, 40mg Toprol, Toprol canada, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) decided that the company had failed to disclose paid posts and were therefore in breach of the law in the U.K.


Handpicked Media had to sign an undertaking to comply with the law and to ensure that there was no repeat of such infringement. The OFT has further warned other companies to take adequate care to abide by the disclosure requirements, 200mg Toprol. 30mg Toprol, This warning has particular meaning for the marketing departments of companies and also for advertising agencies.


The disclosure regulations have been in existence in the U.K since 2008. They are similar to the U.S FTC rules although the OFT does not have a set of guidelines that spell out in detail, how disclosures should be made, Discount Toprol. They did say that any disclosure was to be clearly identifiable and prominently displayed, 750mg Toprol. 150mg Toprol, It should also state that the promotion was paid for and if there was any other form of remuneration that too, should be stated clearly.


The U.S FTC updated its rules in 2009 to include what is usually called the material disclosure rule, Toprol australia. Toprol mexico, What that means is that:


" the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement. Thus, Toprol craiglist, Toprol paypal, bloggers who make an endorsement must disclose the material connections they share with the seller of the product or service."

These rules are not just limited to bloggers alone as they also include Facebook and Twitter. If you have been writing up paid reviews or sponsored posts without disclosing any material connections, 50mg Toprol, Toprol uk, then you are in violation of FTC (or in the U.K. OFT) guidelines, Toprol overseas. 250mg Toprol, However, a lot of bloggers are already in compliance of the rules so this should not pose a problem to them.


If you normally participate in sponsored posts or tweets, 20mg Toprol, Toprol india, what do you think would constitute adequate disclosure especially on Twitter?


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