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Buy Hormone No Prescription, If you are a webmaster of site owner in Germany, using Google Analytics on your site could earn you a steep fine from the German government.


Google Analytics is a tool provided free of charge by Google which lets webmasters monitor site traffic through detailed statistical analysis. It shows where traffic to the site originated from, Hormone paypal, 10mg Hormone, how the site was explored and how a webmaster can augment visitor experience on the site. This has been very helpful for site improvements and well utilized, 150mg Hormone, Hormone australia, can boost conversions and sale.


The German authorities have claimed that the use of Google Analytics on a website violates user privacy and a site owner could face legal action and fines for using Google Analytics.


Google has been in talks with the German authorities and has strived to comply with the privacy concerns by providing webmasters with a way to anonymize IP addresses. Google has also provided opt-out options for web browsers but it appears these options are not available for all browsers, 20mg Hormone. 750mg Hormone, It therefore came as a surprise to Google when the German authorities said in a report by the Wall Street Journal that it had broken off talks with Google regarding webmaster use of Google Analytics, which had been ongoing since 2009 without reaching any mutually satisfying agreement.


A Google spokesman was quoted as saying "Google Analytics complies with European data protection laws and is used by other European data protection authorities on their own websites."


This would mean a deathblow not just to companies that use Google Analytics on their sites but also to the SEO companies that provide analytic tracking especially as most of the other tracking tools in Germany have already been banned.


It would also prove to be tough for online businesses and small businesses who have found the use of Google Analytics in increasing conversions invaluable.

Regardless of the fact that Google claims that Google Analytics is in compliance with European data protection laws, 1000mg Hormone, 200mg Hormone, Germany still went ahead to make moves to ban the use of Google Analytics on websites. Is this move the right one to make particularly as it could prove potentially damaging to local businesses in Germany?


Could you (and your website) survive without the use of Google Analytics on your site?


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