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Twitter’s Promoted Advertising

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Google’s Problems in the European Union

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AT&T Customers Give Ratings on Facebook

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Twitter has taken advertising to a new height and is said to have signed on eighty of the largest brand advertisers in the USA.

The demand for advertising on Twitter is higher than Twitter can meet at the moment. Twitter offers three areas through which advertisers can get their brand out to the many consumers and potential consumers who populate These are Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts.

Promoted tweets are normal tweets sent to the timelines of followers. They are called ‘promoted’ because an advertiser is paying for them, however the only difference between promoted tweets and normal, everyday tweets is that they are featured in search in and in some of their partners.

Promoted Trends was introduced a few months ago and they are usually at the top of the Trending Topics list that appears on the right hand side of the Twitter page. They are clearly marked ‘Promoted.’

Promoted Accounts are accounts suggested to a Twitter user based on that user’s public list of followers. It is also clearly marked as ‘Promoted.’

If you intend to use Twitter to advertise your product, you may choose to engage any of the ‘Promoted’ platforms or a combination of any. Twitter is really a great advertising tool as it has an amazingly extensive reach which cuts across geographical location or language barrier. Despite the wide reach of Twitter, it is also quite local.

Are you, or have you considered using Twitter for advertising? If you have, was there any change in the traffic to your site? And if you have not, what is stopping you?


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