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Using Social Media to Advertise Increases Sales

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Things to Note Before Hiring an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) poses a great challenge for a lot of online businesses. You know you need it to better your search rankings, especially on Google but how do you go about making sure your web pages are effectively optimized? One way a lot of business owners choose is to hire an SEO .... More »

Source from Google Says to Expect Big Changes

In a question about whether AdSense spammers would be removed from the program, it was said that Google was getting geared to make some big changes.   Change, they say is constant and when a company like Google gives a hint about an imminent change, it is to be taken seriously in order to maximiz.... More »

The New Facebook News Feed

Facebook has introduced a new way to filter your News Feed. There used to be two options when it came to filtering News Feed which was Top News or Most Recent stories. The Most Recent has now been expanded to include even more filtering. The Most Recent stories option has been made into a drop down.... More »

Google Saves Drivers Money, Time And Gas

If you have ever been stuck in traffic, you will appreciate this latest release by Google. Google has just released a feature in Google maps that will help you avoid traffic. Unlike the traffic reports on the radio, you can find out about traffic jams before you get stuck in them. You can do .... More »

Zuckerberg Faces Scraped by Lovely Faces

Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico, founders of the Lovely Faces, a dating website has used an automated software to scrap the photos and profiles of Facebook users over a period of time and re-defined what violations of rights on the internet really mean to Facebook founder, Zuckerberg. The Love.... More »

A new study by Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications revealed that people who used social media in the U.S were more likely to buy brands that were advertised in social media. The study showed that social media ads encouraged brand exploration and that 25 percent of users were more disposed to finding out more about brands advertised via social media, thereby leading to higher conversion rates.

The study also showed that 32 percent of smartphone users within the age bracket of 13-54 years old, who had apps on their phones were more likely to purchase brands that advertised in the app with almost 70 percent of them acknowledging that adverts were a fair price to pay, which was significantly more than the 59 percent of social media users who said the same thing.

Advertising in social media is one of the best ways to increase conversion but it appears using phone apps to advertise might drive higher sales. What do you think? Have you used a phone app to advertise and what did you notice?


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