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Buy Hgh No Prescription, After the attempt to buy Groupon fell through, Google went ahead and created its own deals site, which is more or less a Groupon clone. Hgh australia, Last month, Google offered Groupon a whopping 6 billion dollars, Hgh overseas, Hgh india, which the deals site turned down. Although rumors were rife about the search giant buying a smaller group to compete with Groupon, Hgh paypal, 40mg Hgh, Google has decided instead to build its own deals site. This news was first broken by


The new deals site, 50mg Hgh, Hgh usa, Google Offers is said to look much like any other deals site; like Groupon for example or It is powered by the email system whereby registered users receive mails in their inbox with the deal of the day, Hgh japan, 500mg Hgh, then are given a specific time within which to buy the deal.


Google sent out the following statement:


“Google is communicating with small businesses to enlist their support and participation in a test of a pre-paid offers/vouchers program. This initiative is part of an ongoing effort at Google to make new products, such as the recent Offer Ads beta, that connect businesses with customers in new ways, Buy Hgh No Prescription. We do not have more details to share at this time, Hgh canada, Hgh coupon, but will keep you posted.”


Although the Google Offers site is not yet available, local businesses that have registered accounts with Google Places can now use geo-targeted coupons of what Google calls ‘offers’, 10mg Hgh. 200mg Hgh, This is a self service platform for the local businesses and can either be daily or weekly, or as often as the business wants it to be, 1000mg Hgh. Hgh uk, It can also run for as long as the local business desires it to run.


All around the internet, the new Google site has been referred to as a ‘Groupon Competitor’ and some even suggest it might have been developed as a specific Groupon killer, 20mg Hgh. Hgh craiglist, However, we have already established that in the deals market, 250mg Hgh, 30mg Hgh, there seems to be more than enough room for more than one Groupon. Groupon, 750mg Hgh, 100mg Hgh, and the new Google Offers (when it goes live) can all coexist side by side without either hurting the other’s business. What do you think?


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