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Zuckerberg Faces Scraped by Lovely Faces

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Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico, founders of the Lovely Faces, a dating website has used an automated software to scrap the photos and profiles of Facebook users over a period of time and re-defined what violations of rights on the internet really mean to Facebook founder, Zuckerberg.

The Lovely Faces duo featured 250,000 profiles of men and women whose pictures were gotten from Facebook without permission. They didn’t display random pictures on their site, even though they collected the pictures randomly. They had and still have a goal in mind. Below is an excerpt from their web site with an unusual title: face to facebook.

Through special custom software we collected data from more than 1,000,000 Facebook users. What we collected is their “public data” – some of their personal data (name, country, Facebook groups they subscribe to) plus their main profile picture and a few friend relationships.

We built a database with all this data, then began to analyze the pictures that showed smiling faces. The vast majority of pictures were both amateurish and somehow almost involuntarily or unconsciously alluring. And they are almost always “smiling”. Below is a video to go with it.

Their target was to sieve out smiling faces that will be used on their site. Of course, it is a dating site and the images should convey a message that suggests willingness to date, and what better way is there to do that than to smile at somebody. To understand their criteria for selecting the 250,000 faces they finally uploaded on their site, read the comment below.

“In ‘The Love Delusion’ essay, Dan Jones cites Martie Haselton’s research, which indicates that men typically overestimate the sexual interest conveyed by a woman’s smile or laughter. When men see someone of the opposite sex smile at them they tend to think “she must be interested.” By the way, women simply see a smile. [Dan Jones "The Love Delusion", March 31 2007, New Scientist].they said”.

Having said that, I’d say the summary of all this is that social network site still has a lot of security issues to settle. Facebook has been exploited and people’s identity stolen. So be careful not to upload sensitive and private information on social sites.

In concluding, we know the motive of Lovely-Faces, we know Facebook is vulnerable, but what we do not know is how Mark Zuckerberg will react to this development which is a violation of Facebook’s terms, considering the fact that he used similar process to scrap faces of women to create FaceMash. Does he have any moral right to contest this violation in form whatsoever? I’d appreciate a great deal if you can leave a comment.


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