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Deltasone For Sale

Last week we wrote Deltasone For Sale, about Vitaly Borker, the owner of DecorMyEyes who claimed that he got his high Google ranking from bad customer reviews which stemmed from his bullying tactics and horrible service. He got a lot of press coverage in the past week and has been a topic of discussion on many blogs.

If any business person or marketer has been tempted to follow in his less than palatable footsteps by offering bad service to customers in the hopes of beefing up reviews and thereby links, Deltasone ebay, Deltasone india, you might want to hold on a bit.

Google reacted to Vitaly Borker’s assertion and pulled his ranking so that if you conduct a Google search right now, decormyeyes will not be included in the first page, 750mg Deltasone. Deltasone mexico, But even more than that is the fact that Mr. Borker got arrested on federal charges, 500mg Deltasone. Deltasone uk, It turns out that bad customer service really does not do good for one’s business.

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