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Bad Customer Service Can Get You Arrested

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Source from Google Says to Expect Big Changes

In a question about whether AdSense spammers would be removed from the program, it was said that Google was getting geared to make some big changes.   Change, they say is constant and when a company like Google gives a hint about an imminent change, it is to be taken seriously in order to maximiz.... More »

Blekko Adds Social Integration to Search

Alternative search engine, Blekko announced the integration of Facebook “likes” in the search results, using Facebook Connect. Search engine, Bing only just added that integration. By using the hashtag technology, you can now search Blekko for what your friends have liked, simply adding /likes .... More »

Understanding Trends on YouTube

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Webmasters Get Ready: Google Raters Get New Guidelines

Webmasters Get Ready: Google Raters Get New Guidelines

Ever heard of Google raters? They’re the human eyes that have the pleasure of analyzing and grading your site once it reaches the top of the SERPs for a given query. If you bit and clawed your way to the top only to find your site has sunk into oblivion seemingly out of nowhere, a manual rater may.... More »

Inside My Link Building Account

 OK...thanks for checking this out!  I've been using testing this service and I think you'll see it's AWESOME!  Big time saver and it actually works. Check out this video where I go inside my account and jump over to their site and see the full demo and pricing information.   .... More »

Last week we wrote about Vitaly Borker, the owner of DecorMyEyes who claimed that he got his high Google ranking from bad customer reviews which stemmed from his bullying tactics and horrible service. He got a lot of press coverage in the past week and has been a topic of discussion on many blogs.

If any business person or marketer has been tempted to follow in his less than palatable footsteps by offering bad service to customers in the hopes of beefing up reviews and thereby links, you might want to hold on a bit.

Google reacted to Vitaly Borker’s assertion and pulled his ranking so that if you conduct a Google search right now, decormyeyes will not be included in the first page. But even more than that is the fact that Mr. Borker got arrested on federal charges. It turns out that bad customer service really does not do good for one’s business.


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