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Discount Avodart, Buckle up, folks – it’s been a busy week for search. The folks at Google and co. have thrown webmasters yet another curve ball – and this one comes in the form of tandem algorithm updates. 200mg Avodart, I write for quite a few tech blogs, and I just reported on the exact match domain (EMD) update a couple of days ago. The interwebs have been ablaze with folks who’ve already felt the fury of the new algo’s wrath, and I have been glued to my keyboard reporting the news, Avodart australia.

Then, tonight, I stumbled upon this breaking announcement on Search Engine Roundtable:

Hmm, Discount Avodart. Interesting. Of course, 40mg Avodart, if you’ve been in the world of SEO for even a short stretch of time, then you are fully aware that Google never makes hasty algo changes. Everything is carefully engineered, vigorously tested, 150mg Avodart, and heavily premeditated. To be sure, 250mg Avodart, the overlapping timing of the EMD and the new Panda update are no accident. Discount Avodart, On that note, let’s look at what changed, reactions ‘round the Web, and steps Big G is taking to keep its agenda under lock and key.

The EMD Update – How Things Went Down

Okay, so first let’s deal with the exact match domain update. Things started heating up when Matt Cutts, Avodart ebay, head of Google’s webspam team, sent out a couple of tweets on September 28 announcing the change. Avodart paypal, Here’s one of them:

Cutts EMD Update Tweet

As you can see, the EMD update is a completely autonomous beast. It’s not part of the now-infamous Panda or Penguin updates and refreshes, Avodart mexico. It’s an independent algoethm, Discount Avodart. You know how SEOs have advised  you for years to buy exact match domain names. Yeah, Avodart overseas, that’s what this update is fighting back against. Perhaps it’s the end of an era. Here’s a little more insight from the team over at Search Engine Land:


This should come as no surprise, 30mg Avodart. Discount Avodart, If you follow SEO news regularly, you may recall frequent off-the-cuff threats from Cutts and co. aimed at thin affiliate or AdSense websites bearing EMDs. They’ve been warning us for years now. 20mg Avodart, Well, it’s finally come to pass, and many people who have made a healthy living off ranking these kinds of sites are now in the throes of restructuring their business model.

I spent hours reading of their woes. Well-known webmasters who have built empires manufacturing and ranking niche sites with EMDs are wailing en masse – it’s a veritable bloodbath out there, Avodart craiglist. People are claiming 60 – 100% of their portfolios have tanked overnight, Discount Avodart. The silver lining. It’s still early, Avodart canada, and as with any Google update, it will take some time for the dust to settle and the real winners and losers to emerge.

A Panda Falls atop the EMD Update

Then, the plot thickened. Search Engine Roundtable announced that Google confirmed a Panda update began baking into the index on September 27, Avodart usa. It’s not your ho-hum data refresh, either – it’s one of the big ones… an update for the algo in its entirety. Discount Avodart, That means that old and new websites alike will be affected by the change without so much as touching their existing website content. Avodart coupon, Fun. Here’s the official quote that Matt Cutts issued to SER shortly following the rollout:

“Google began rolling out a new update of Panda on Thursday, 9/27. This is actually a Panda algorithm update, Avodart uk, not just a data update. A lot of the most-visible differences went live Thursday 9/27, 1000mg Avodart, but the full rollout is baking into our index and that process will continue for another 3-4 days or so. This update affects about 2.4% of English queries to a degree that a regular user might notice, with a smaller impact in other languages (0.5% in French and Spanish, for example).”

Remember, Panda is all about on-page issues, Discount Avodart. Your website content, your URLs (hello!), your H1 tags… all that good stuff, Avodart us. I find it highly interesting that G coupled a massive Panda update with this new EMD algorithm.

Do you smell a trend here.

All the webmasters I came across who were bemoaning drops in the SERPs seemed to have one thing in common – their websites were chock-full of 500-word wonders, 50mg Avodart, complete with regurgitated data, keywords galore, and less-than-stellar prose. It’s still all about the quality content (now more than ever), 100mg Avodart, and the bottom line is that outsourced copy for $5 a pop will sink you faster than a boat with a hole.

Sweeping Secrets under the Rug

So, is it really an accident that Google rolled out overlapping updates. Discount Avodart, The guys at Search Engine Roundtable say no. 10mg Avodart, According to them, the double whammy will make it tough for webmasters to discern the reason for any drop in the SERPs. Did a website get hit by the EMD update. Or was it an attack on low-quality content brought on by Panda?

No, Avodart japan, they think the overlapping was a deliberate attempt by Matt and the gang to confound webmasters, and I agree. 750mg Avodart, I don’t like it either – I have niche sites myself – but I agree that confusing us was the objective. If our sites tanked after the EMD update, we’d (pretty much) know why, Discount Avodart. Now, since Panda’s running too, we… well, 500mg Avodart, we won’t. Here’s a comment from the original announcement that summed the situation up best for me:


If you’re wondering what the way forward will be from here, don’t. Not yet. We’re still a couple of weeks away from the final verdict about our rankings, so hold tight for now. Once you’ve figured out where you’ve landed, that’s when it’s time to regroup. And by regroup, I mean dramatically diversifying your online marketing efforts away from Google alone.

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