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Cutts Reveals On-Page SEO Tips Where Can I Buy Plavix, Wow. An article was just published on Site Pro News, 150mg Plavix, and webmasters actually got some new information from head of Google’s Webspam team, Matt Cutts regarding “best practices” for optimizing on-page content. The info was unearthed during an email exchange between Site Pro News’ Karon Thackston and Matt Cutts himself.

Thackston serves as the President of Marketing Words, Plavix us, Inc. 200mg Plavix, She has more than 25 years of experience in SEO and marketing, and once she got ahold of Cutts’ ear, she peppered him with some hard-hitting questions that SEOs everywhere have begged on bended knee to have answered.

The Conversation: What Went Down

Thackston has analyzed the SERPs for years, Plavix japan. It's what she does. She’s watched some sites rank and others get left in the dust, Where Can I Buy Plavix. Plavix usa, She has plenty to say about the characteristics of a ranking site’s on-page goods. For example, she’s found that top-ranking sites do not have a particular keyword sprinkled multiple times throughout their copy, 500mg Plavix. The evidence is simply not there. 100mg Plavix, After the slew of new updates, she discovered that Google placed more weight on the individual words within a keyword phrase scattered throughout the text.

After all, Thackson says, 20mg Plavix, she’s taught this technique for years. Where Can I Buy Plavix, She knows keyword stuffing is outdated at best and search engine suicide at worst. Plavix canada, Google moved away from this years ago, and the search giant now desires “relevant” writing and “natural” context above all else.

When search engines first came around, exact-match keywords were the only way to rank, Plavix ebay. Bots weren’t sophisticated enough to sniff out the context of articles or rich keyword phrases, 750mg Plavix, which was why the SERPs of years past were full of spam-laden pages with keywords crammed into every meta description, alt tag, and heading available, 250mg Plavix. Hours were spent scratching our heads while trying to decipher search listing descriptions that read something like this:

Dog dog walking dog walker walk your dog dog doggy dog walk service walk dog

Well, 30mg Plavix, things have changed – dramatically. Googlebot becomes more savvy with every algo update that rolls out, and the changes show no signs of stopping, Plavix coupon. Now, Google can figure out the context of your content, and this means that keyword phrases and associated synonyms are much more important to score real ranking power today.

In fact, this point was precisely what Thackton questioned Cutts about during the email exchange.

Here’s an example for you, Where Can I Buy Plavix. In the past, Plavix india, if your keyword was “red leather belt”, you would need to place that exact phrase, in that exact order, Plavix overseas, throughout your text for the bots to figure out how to index your page. 1000mg Plavix, Now, you can – and should – break up the phrase into the words themselves. Use “red” and “leather” and “belt” intermittently in your content instead of including the phrase alone.

Thackton used the keyword phrase “blue suede shoes” as an example when she asked Cutts to confirm this change in ranking signals, 40mg Plavix. She asked whether he could comment about whether keyword phrases must always be utilized in their unaltered form, Plavix uk, as well as whether it helped or hurt webmasters to use the individual words in a keyword phrase. The following is Matt’s reply and the exchange that followed:

Email Interview with Matt Cutts Where Can I Buy Plavix, What Cutts is saying, in essence, is that it does help Google to include the keyword or keyword phrase a couple of times in your text. However, here’s what has changed: all the extras that we’re so used to adding in SEO – think H1 tags, 50mg Plavix, anchor text, Plavix australia, and titles – may now be classified as keyword stuffing. Instead, target longer-tail keywords and use the words in the keyword phrase individually in your text, Plavix paypal. Then, Plavix craiglist, sprinkle synonyms throughout as you write. Above all, make sure that your copy flows naturally and reads as though you wrote it for people – not for the search engines.

What This Means in Light of New Updates

We all know the times, 10mg Plavix, they are a changin’. I wrote about the recent Panda refresh last week (didn’t affect much) and the impending Penguin refresh expected any day now (expected to rock people’s worlds), Where Can I Buy Plavix. Plavix mexico, All my research and reading and studying and following Google and the big guns in the SEO industry has lead me to two conclusions:

  1. Backlinks are more important than anything when it comes to ranking power. Penguin’s job is to punish and reward according to the contents of websites’ backlink profiles, and your job is to make sure yours shines.

  2. Panda deals with on-page stuff. On-page issues are obviously important as well, but they’re the easiest to control and fix. This interview basically told webmasters everything they need to do to make that happen.

Thackson asked about this, too. Where Can I Buy Plavix, The updates – do they hurt websmasters who use keywords in their copy, period. SEOs learn to find keywords people are searching for and write using those keywords. She asked Matt point blank whether this practice was dead in the water. Surprisingly, Cutts said that it’s still a very viable strategy, as long as your content is “done naturally, not artificially or in a spammy way.”

I used some of the old rules when building the authority site that I’m tinkering with. At first, I ranked for a handful of keywords. After a few weeks, for those I targeted directly, I saw my rankings begin to plummet, Where Can I Buy Plavix. When I edited a test article, I removed the exact keyword phrase from my URL and heading. I also trimmed down the instance of the phrase in-text. My rankings bounced back.

If you’ve recently seen your rankings take a nosedive, try manicuring your content, too. It might be just the ticket to better ranking power in the future and keeping your sites safe when new updates roll out.


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