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Google is Used by 3 Million Businesses

Google Apps has grown to be extraordinarily popular. Over 3 million businesses use Google Apps. This includes both traditional brick and mortar businesses that rely on Google Apps such as Gmail and for online businesses that take advantage of all that Google Apps has to offer. There are also over 30 million individuals in schools, organizations, and businesses who use the collaboration and messaging tools offered with Google Apps.

Google Apps is offered through cloud computing. Many see cloud computing as the only way to truly deliver productivity-enhancing collaboration, reliability, and the ability to scale that is virtually unlimited  while still being at a price that is affordable for any business of any size, or for individuals.


Google Apps doesn't seem to be stopping its grown anytime soon. There is growing interest in new features from Google's current customer base, and also from brand new customers who could easily make Google Apps even bigger. Currently, there are over 200 installable apps but with the number of businesses and individuals that already use the apps, and the amount of interest from new customers, even more apps are likely to be developed by developers. This will keep Google Apps new and fresh for everyone, and keep new customers coming in.


So what is it about Google Apps that makes the programs so popular? For one thing, Google Apps is very easy to use. It's simple to set up the apps that you want and easy to add new people to online meetings. It is easy to filter company email or share new ideas over Google messaging. Another reason it's so popular is security. With the new two-step verification process that is rolling out in the coming months, it's now safer than ever for business to go online with information and not have to worry about hackers.


Does your business use Google Apps and has it made you more successful? If you don't use it, are you planning to implement it?


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