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How Do You Remove A Web Page From Google

There are countless reasons why you would want to remove a page or a specific URL from the Google search engine. Likewise, there are also several options for accomplishing this task.

The first step is to use Google’s own removal tool. You will need to verify your website in Google Webmaster Tools, to show Google that you are, in fact, the website owner. To accomplish this, you need to open a Google account and add your site. Then follow the instructions to verify your site. Once it’s officially verified in Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll simply click on “Site Configuration” then “Crawler Access” and then “Remove URL”.

If you want to completely remove the page from your site, then you’ll first need to remove or delete the page from the web server. Then, use the Google removal tool as previously described.

Another option is to password protect the page. If you put a user ID and password (require one in order to view the web page) on the web page, then Google’s crawlers will not be able to use that log into the page to crawl it.

Adding the ‘Noindex’ tag to the page in question will tell Google, and other search engines not to index the page. It’s preferred that you put the noindex tag in the header area of the code on the page, but you might try adding it to another part of the page…that should work, too.

The page should be added to the robots.txt file. Every site should have a robots.txt file. Make sure that you “disallow” crawling/indexing.

Remove all links to the page otherwise it will most likely remain in the search engine index. If you have pages on your website that are linking to the page you want to remove, get rid of those links. There may be other pages on other websites linking to that page, so you’ll want to get those links removed, as well. You may need to ask those other webmasters to stop linking to your page.

Now you’ve seen the numerous options for removing a page from the Google search engine. In some cases, you may find that it’s better that you do a few of these things in order to get the page removed. indeed, the methods you use will also depend on whether or not you keep the page accessible or whether or not you just want the page to completely disappear.


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