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How Google’s Latest Earning Report Affects Adsense and Adwords Users

Google has just released their latest earnings report and it shows some interesting findings that could play an important role in the lives of Adsense and Adwords users. Of course, these two programs are vital to the company, which is still primarily based on a search engine in addition to its growing collection of endeavors. Therefore, the way Google the company goes is the way that the users will go, and it's worth taking an inside look.


Revenue and net income for the company rose 24% in the second quarter. However, in the last three months the stock price for the company has dropped 17%. The likely meaning of all of this is that investors and other individuals are waiting for Google to expand and take on a new, highly successful product or service. Google has dabbled in all other kinds of businesses, but none of their other products has really made a big splash yet, at least not on the scale that the search engine itself does, which is massive.


Google is still based almost entirely around its search engines, which makes Adwords and Adsense users extremely important for the company. In fact, 90% of Google's revenue still comes from search advertising, showing just how important and vital those users, including people just like us, are to the company. With revenue and net income up, but stock price down, Google may be looking to make some new moves in the coming months or years, many of which they have already been talking about and planning for quite some time.


Because of how important Adsense and Adwords users are to Google, you can expect to still see great earnings potential, and to still receive high quality opportunities from the company. However, as they expand and take on new projects, it will be anybody's guess how their priorities change, or if they try to implement any new policies. For now though, everything seems to be stable, the company and its investors just want to do and see even more, from an already incredibly successful company.


Google ads themselves, both on the search engine results pages and on other network sites grew 15% from this same time last year, although they also decreased 3% from the first quarter this year. That shows that things are definitely on an upswing overall, and that the economy has improved some, although it's not a direct shot into bigger and better paydays.


There's no need to panic or have great concern based on the latest Google earnings reports. The stock price has been dropping a bit, but the net income and revenue reports have increased. With paid search ads accounting for 90% of the company's revenue, Adsense and Adwords users have a very vital role to play within the company, and can expect good things still to come. Just keep a look out for more future news, in regards to Google's potential plans and changes in direction, and until then you can feel safe about your investments into both services.


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