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Matt Cutts recently released another gem of a Webmaster Help video Vermox For Sale, on YouTube. This time, Vermox japan, it’s all about those who procure the almighty backlink in subtle ways. In particular, Cutts focused upon a question which he submitted on his own behalf, Vermox overseas, and it reads as follows:

What is Google’s current thinking about getting links from article marketing, Vermox canada, widgets, footers, themes, 250mg Vermox, etc.?

Cutts definitely picked a great issue to tackle this go-round. 20mg Vermox, I’ve seen countless concerns about this very issue spring up ‘round the Web for many months now following the barrage of updates. People are curious about what counts and what doesn’t, as well as whether some of the popular mass-link-gathering practices are a gross waste of time, Vermox mexico. For most of them, the short answer is yes, Vermox For Sale. Read on to find out the long answer.

Cutts Talks Backlinks

Matt Cutts starts his answer by asserting watchers that this is an issue Google’s had the same stance on for years. 40mg Vermox, He made this particular video to get a little more explicit with Google’s stance on the issue, however. Using these techniques are “easy street” ways to get links, Vermox ebay, and most are technically considered spammy by the search giant.

Why. 150mg Vermox, Well, according to Cutts, the links in footers of widely circulated themes, 10mg Vermox, popular widgets, 500mg Vermox, and other open source items are not necessarily organic. Vermox For Sale, Most people that include these kinds of links on their webpages are leaving them simply because they neglect to remove them or they’re instructed to keep the links intact in order to use the items that contain them. This means that many webmasters are not linking organically at all – they’re simply doing what’s necessary to use the thing in which the link is embedded.

Cutts puts this philosophy best in the video itself: “Whenever you get a link from just a WordPress footer … when someone installs a widget, or they install some theme on their content management system, Vermox usa, it’s often the case that they’re not editorially choosing to [keep the] link with that anchor text.”

The result, Vermox coupon, says Cutts, is hundreds, sometimes thousands, Vermox us, of links to the exact same page with the exact same anchor text spread all over the Web. 200mg Vermox, Website owners indirectly posting the link didn’t choose the anchor text, so it doesn’t come from a genuine place – that’s Big G’s thinking on the matter, anyway, 30mg Vermox. Google’s new updates have made the algos advanced enough to pick up on, Vermox craiglist, and discount, these links. That’s why this practice is no longer effective – and, 50mg Vermox, as the video strongly implied, 750mg Vermox, Google likely does not count these links at all when determining ranking power.

Cutts also touched on the hotly debated topic of article marketing. What’s to come of the links that people gain to their websites and blogs through this practice, Vermox For Sale. It’s still as popular as ever, and opinions about the effectiveness of the practice vary wildly from marketer to marketer the whole Web over, Vermox uk. In the video, Vermox paypal, Cutts talks directly to article marketers. He says that those who distribute relatively low-quality pieces all over the ‘net are essentially polluting the place, and Google’s not likely to count those kinds of links, 100mg Vermox. What’s interesting about his comments about the practice, Vermox india, however, is that he hints that Google may count links from longer, high-quality articles used in article marketing.

It’s a very iffy proposition, Vermox australia, however. Here’s how Web Pro News reported Cutts’ remarks in the video:

 Discounting Embedded Links: Is it Ethical?

Vermox For Sale, Google argues, of course, that embedded links were not intentionally added to sites by webmasters who knowingly created them. 1000mg Vermox, They came instead as part of a package deal, the “price of admission,” if you will, for using a free WordPress theme, installing an awesome widget, or posting a cool infographic.

But, should Google even be discounting these kinds of links in the first place?

Yes and no. The answer really depends on what kind of link we’re talking about here, and there are two suspects in question. The first is a hidden malicious link. I actually have personal experience with this one. When I was building a website for a local business owner earlier this year, I created the framework using a free WordPress theme (with great reviews) I hunted down online, Vermox For Sale. The theme had all the features I needed and it looked incredibly slick, but after I installed it, I noticed a couple of links to car dealerships in the footer.

These are the kinds of links that Cutts is referring to in his video, and I for one am relieved Google isn’t counting these any longer. I certainly don’t want to support some car dealership I’ve never heard of by way of an unsolicited link I just leave hanging out at the bottom of my website!

However, on the other hand, we have the good ol’ link back to the product or service creator’s website. I think this practice is at the heart of the “thank you economy” movement and the open source philosophy. You can use something – for free – created by someone, just as long as you credit it back to the source... and shouldn't that itself count as a vote for the original website?

I think it comes down to a difference in philosophy about what constitutes an “endorsement” as far as links go. Google’s made its views very clear – what do you think?


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