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News Search Optimization for Journalists on Google News

Google News has been receiving the rankings of top news items from Newsknife for years. Since Google News started adding bylines to its search results, Newsknife has also started collecting informations regarding the journalists whose articles appears in these search results. These results are pulled from the 22 English Language Google News sites. Results were just posted for the top 6,300 journalists cited in September.

This forces news organizations to get savvy with their own versions of search engine optimization in hopes of topping these results gathered by Newsknifte. It's already been observed that it's getting more and more difficult for companies to optimize press releases for news search engines as a growing number of news media are optimizing their articles for news search engines.

Results like this may change the way journalists write, as news organizations begin mirroring the SEO companies perfect when publishing content to their websites.


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