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Breaking News: FTC Clears Google of Antitrust Violations

Breaking News: FTC Clears Google of Antitrust Violations

The FTC’s ruling has finally been handed down for the highly publicized 2-year probe into Google’s possible antitrust violations. The allegation was that Google strangled free market competition by rigging the SERPs to highlight its own products (local, travel, and shopping listings in parti.... More »

What Google Thinks of Comment Spamming

There is this general misconception among web marketers that comment spamming will increase their page ranks. Unfortunately, I have been on the receiving end of such spam comments and while it is easy to simply delete one (or even ten), dedicating precious time to deleting hundreds of spam comments .... More »

Taco Bell Uses Social Media to Combat Class Action Suit

2010 has been referred to as the Year of Facebook in some places; in others, it was simply called the year of ‘social.’ This is probably because that year saw an aggressive use of social media by brick and mortar companies. Companies like Starbucks, Toyota and L’Oreal made creative use of soci.... More »
SEO Update - Executive from Facebook Added to Bruce Clay SEO Workshop by @mattsouthern + MORE Nov 21st

SEO Update - Executive from Facebook Added to Bruce Clay SEO Workshop by @mattsouthern + MORE Nov 21st

This week's SEO News and Updates Mobile SEO for Ecommerce: Bridging The Gap Between Google & Customers' Fingertips - SearchEnginePeople.comThe mobile web is growing leaps and bounds as we write. The whole world has gone mobile. Erick Schonfeld of notes that the mobil.... More »

Understanding Trends on YouTube

Very recently, YouTube announced the launching of its new site YouTube Trends, which was designed to let interested parties stay on top of trends and videos worldwide. It is definitely a beneficial tool to marketers and business people alike as it is a terrific way to know what is hot at a particula.... More »

PeopleBrowser is a social media analytics company that has launched This is a social search tool for Twitter which is targeted at brand managers and marketers.

This is inherently a Twitter search engine as it allows users to search for tweets by keyword. The search results are streamed to show tweets from followers or from people a user is following and can be segmented according by gender. Tweets can also be segmented into positive of negative opinions and results can be limited to communities or location. is a really good tool for marketers and is a way to get previously unavailable insights into the needs of a specific market. Although the pricing is rather on the high end, you have the option to try out the free 7-day trial before you shell out any money.

Do you see this tool as one that could positively impact on your business?


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