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SEO Update – Becoming A Brand By Emulating Other Brands: Interview With Ryan Jones by @johnrampton + MORE Dec 11th

SEO Update - Becoming A Brand By Emulating Other Brands: Interview With Ryan Jones by @johnrampton + MORE Dec 11th
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SEO Update - How SEO has changed: SEO Techniques and Practices for 2014 + MORE Jan 15th

The SEO game – long characterized by rapid change and fluidity – continues to transform at a frenetic pace. SEO techniques once considered best practices in the industry are now cripplingly ineffective, and may even serve to damage overall online visibility. Meta-keyword tags, anchor te.... More »
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SEO Update - Ranking Factors For Mobile SEO: Interview with Marcus Tober of Searchmetrics by @murraynewlands + MORE May 22nd

I recently caught up with Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics, to discuss ranking factors for mobile SEO. There’s a lot of confusion in the SEO market around this topic, so I used this time with Marcus to get some answers to a few pressing questions. In my interview with Marcus I asked him how mo.... More »

SEO Update - Google Announces New Googlebot user-agent for Crawling & Indexing Smartphone Content! + MORE Jan 29th

Google has always used different feature & smartphone specific crawlers referred to as Googlebot-Mobile to index & crawl content. Since, smartphones and feature phones have different device... Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article. .... More »

SEO Update - How 3 B2B Companies Integrate SEO In Their Online Marketing Strategies + MORE Feb 12th

Even though B2B marketing goals and objectives remain relatively consistent year to year, what’s changing are buyer expectations of marketing programs and communication. In late 2012, Simon McEvoy of Tangent Snowball wrote about the influence consumerism was having on the B2B buyer. After....... More »
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SEO Update - The Truth About Search Engine Optimization + MORE May 29th

“Rebecca’s book is chapter-by-chapter gold for anyone who needs to understand how we find information on the Web.” Kevin M. Ryan, Motivity Marketing, Inc., and Chairman of Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board   In this book, leading search optimization expert Rebecca Lieb brings together.... More »
Moz has launched Google SERP Feature Graph, a new MozCast tool that will let users see Google features by query. Here are the two things the new feature will do: It will show how often a specific… Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article.

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Majestic Search Launches Live Rank FactorsExciting News in the Majestic SEO Camp – the move towards an evolving search engine is now upon us! In October, MajesticSEO launched Search Explorer on the back of its link intelligence data but now Majestic plan to move forward as a European based search engine and develop the market in its own right…

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The Web Ranking Manual: Learn how to make your website or video SEO friendly to maximize exposure and maximize profits!We DOMINATED Google and YouTube search for one of the biggest Internet product launches in history. Now you can learn EXACTLY how we did it! You will learn: * what search engine optimization techniques are working NOW — not a year or two ago. We are a professional SEO firm, and this book lays out in step-by-step detail the process we go through to analyze what keywords our clients should target, and how much competition is or is not standing in their way…

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OM Marketing Week Barcelona 2013

OM Marketing Week Barcelona 2013OM Marketing Week is the leading digital marketing conference in Spain, which takes place in both Madrid and Barcelona.  OMweek is known for rounding up some of the top international speakers, and today we’re going to round up the best English presentations from the search marketing day. Quick view of presentations: Entity Search & Personalization  - Gianluca Fiorelli Keynote – The Psychology of Search & Social – Bas Van de Beld Penalty Recovery – Kaspar Szymanski & Fili Wiese Understanding your target audience with Twitter Data – Richard Baxter What’s next in Search & SEO? – Marcus Tandler Entity Search & Personalization Speaker: Gianluca Fiorelli Most memorable quote:  “Words are not Entities by themselves, but yes they are the verbal expression of Entities “ In the past two years,  we’ve seen some of the biggest changes in Google’s algorithm which has dramatically changed SEO tactics / strategy…

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As part of our SEJ interview series, Ryan Jones at SapientNitro discusses how you can build your brand by emulating other brands. As part of his day job Ryan manages SEO for several large, Fortune 500 brands. A common question that has come up from clients this year is whether or not Google has a […]Author informationJohn RamptonManaging Editor John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, and PPC expert…

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An Introduction to Keyword StrategyYou’ve built a big keyword list, but what are you supposed to do with it? Learn when and how to use actionable keywords in your online store to make sure your customers find you. You’ve started your online store and your SEO train is on track. You’ve done your keyword research and compiled a solid list of keywords that’ll please customers, searchers and crawlers alike…

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We (Mostly) Told You So: A Look Back at Our 2013 PredictionsWe (Mostly) Told You So: A Look Back at Our 2013 Predictions is a post by SEO expert Andy Eliason. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.At the beginning of the year, we took a look back at 2012 and made a few predictions about what the online marketing landscape would look like throughout 2013…

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