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SEO Update – Framing a Sustainable SEO Strategy in 2014! + MORE Feb 5th

SEO Update - Framing a Sustainable SEO Strategy in 2014! + MORE Feb 5th
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SEO Update - How 3 B2B Companies Integrate SEO In Their Online Marketing Strategies + MORE Feb 12th

Even though B2B marketing goals and objectives remain relatively consistent year to year, what’s changing are buyer expectations of marketing programs and communication. In late 2012, Simon McEvoy of Tangent Snowball wrote about the influence consumerism was having on the B2B buyer. After....... More »

SEO Update - 10 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Social Media Friendly + MORE Mar 19th

Social Media Friendly? by Michael_Lehet Got a website that's search engine friendly? If so, then well done! Got a website that's armed with SEO Kevlar that can tackle anything and everything that Google throws at you in 2014? You can go ahead and pat yourself on the back!! Now, the real qu.... More »
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SEO Update - The Most Effective SEO Tactics + MORE May 1st

Marketing and sales professionals say creating quality content is the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic, according to a recent report from Ascend2. Read the full article at MarketingProfs.... More »
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SEO Update - 9 SEO Strategies You Definitely Shouldn’t Be Using in 2014 + MORE May 8th

You certainly wouldn’t be driving a car with an ancient transmission. So why are you still using search engine optimization tactics that were popular during the Internet equivalent of the Stone Age? Too many businesses and bloggers adopt an SEO strategy early on in their online days and then never.... More »
SEMPO and Econsultancy have released the ninth annual State of Search Survey results. According to the findings, there was a noticeable difference between how agency and company marketers answered SEO budget questions. While nearly 70 percent of agency respondents predicted client SEO budgets would….

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4 Steps For Protecting Your Website From Google PenaltiesGoogle can act like the web police. Photo by greenkozi The changes that Google made over the past year – particularly the Penguin update rolled out in May 2013, and to a lesser extent the introduction of Hummingbird – has confirmed once again that marketers and SEO's should avoid questionable link-building tactics if they want to rank well…

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DMOZ Shrinks by 20 Percent

DMOZ Shrinks by 20 PercentRemember when having one or more Web page listings in DMOZ was absolutely essential to the success of search engine optimization campaigns? With the fall in popularity of directories, a DMOZ link is sought after far less these days and it may be one reason the site has 1 million fewer sites in its directory in general…

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7 Reasons Why Search Engine Rankings Aren't Everything: Part 2Rankings are like a personalized popularity contest. Photo by @Doug88888 In our last post, we began to mull over a few of the reasons why you shouldn't be using search engine rankings as the key performance indicator to measure the success of your SEO efforts. To recap, the first three of these reasons were: 1) The multitude and pace of algorithm changes, updates and modifications 2) The fact that personalization and local search have become key determining factors of search results 3) It is a very risky, one-dimensional strategy Picking up where we left off, here are another 4 reasons that demonstrate why a focus on website rankings is not the best way to gauge the performance of your SEO efforts…

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tuten/Solomon is the first social media marketing textbook that focuses on showing readers how social media fits into the marketer’s toolbox. Click Here For More Information

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Post from: PageTraffic SEO Blog Now updated thrice a day! Social Media Week Bangalore – Everyone is invited! Author informationNavneet KaushalNavneet Kaushal is the founder and CEO of … Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article.

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With Google continuing to change the goal-posts, it is getting difficult for websites to correctly rank in search engine. We know that Google PageRank may not stay with us for a longer period. Read… Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article.

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