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SEO Update – How to Do SEO for Restaurants (Local Business Blueprint) + MORE Jun 22nd

SEO Update - How to Do SEO for Restaurants (Local Business Blueprint) + MORE Jun 22nd
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SEO Update - Bing is Growing, Yelp is Scandalous, and I Need Your Help! + MORE Apr 9th

:: Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Bing is pouring on the new features as they try to compete with Google. Recently on the Bing Blog, they discussed how they are focused on better understanding how the world interacts and delivering the results you want. You can read more in their post “150 M.... More »
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SEO Update - 9 SEO Strategies You Definitely Shouldn’t Be Using in 2014 + MORE May 8th

You certainly wouldn’t be driving a car with an ancient transmission. So why are you still using search engine optimization tactics that were popular during the Internet equivalent of the Stone Age? Too many businesses and bloggers adopt an SEO strategy early on in their online days and then never.... More »

SEO Update - Majestic SEO Upgrade Site Explorer + MORE Jul 13th

Yesterday Majestic SEO launched a brand new version of Site Explorer including: Improved Screen layout, Anchor Text Charts, Tailored Site Explorer Tabs and Crawl results. We take a look at the new features and improvements – and for those of you who like a challenge you can win a gold star and.... More »
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SEO Update - Unnatural Links to site - impacts links + MORE Aug 25th

Video Unnatural Links to site - impacts links.... More »
 google panda update

SEO Update - It’s May 2014, and Here Are Four Ways that SEO Is Drastically Changing by @danielthrelfall + MORE May 15th

The only unchanging truth about SEO is that it’s always changing. I almost didn’t write that line, because it sounds so cliche. I don’t want to dish up half-baked cliches. Instead, I intend to deliver some stop-and-think advice. We’ve heard cliches before. Ad nauseum. Search marketing in 201.... More »
How to Do SEO for Restaurants (Local Business Blueprint) Running a restaurant can be difficult enough; from dealing with suppliers to organizing menus, satisfying customers and managing employees, it's a wonder that anybody gets a moment to breathe. When you add in online marketing the complexity reaches another level. Luckily, despite the shroud of mystery hovering around it, SEO for local businesses is not difficult to understand and the returns on investment (monetary or effort-wise) can be fantastic…

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SEO For Normal People: It's Only Getting Easier SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting a web page's results in the search engines. By following some guidelines when writing your content to include keywords and phrases in "optimal" placement; by building links to your content from other websites and directories; and by making sure that your site is able to be crawled by search, you can improve your positioning in the search engine results…

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Target The Right Keywords In 5 Steps

Target The Right Keywords In 5 Steps   At the foundation of an SEO campaign are the keywords that are targeted.  These keywords are implemented throughout the website and included in any content that is published throughout the web on behalf of the business, whether it’s a guest blog post, a company profile on an industry site, or a local directory submission…

Continue Reading On » Content Collective, June Content Collective, June 17 is a post by SEO expert Andy Eliason. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog.The new Content Collective is our way of hacking through the briar patch of useless, irrelevant, and downright questionable information that sprouts up non-stop on the internet and bringing out some of the gems that have real value…

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