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SEO Update – Majestic SEO Upgrade Site Explorer + MORE Jul 13th

SEO Update - Majestic SEO Upgrade Site Explorer + MORE Jul 13th
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 google panda update

SEO Update - Online Content Collective, July 14, 2014 – SEO + MORE Jul 17th Online Content Collective, July 14, 2014 – SEO is a post by SEO expert Andy Eliason. For information about our SEO services or more great SEO tips and tricks, visit the blog. There have been a lot of things happening in the last week on the SEO front. Between Google making some fai.... More »

SEO Update - Bing is Growing, Yelp is Scandalous, and I Need Your Help! + MORE Apr 9th

:: Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Bing is pouring on the new features as they try to compete with Google. Recently on the Bing Blog, they discussed how they are focused on better understanding how the world interacts and delivering the results you want. You can read more in their post “150 M.... More »
 google update

SEO Update - Framing a Sustainable SEO Strategy in 2014! + MORE Feb 5th

With Google continuing to change the goal-posts, it is getting difficult for websites to correctly rank in search engine. We know that Google PageRank may not stay with us for a longer period. Read... Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article. .... More »

SEO Update - Google Announces New Googlebot user-agent for Crawling & Indexing Smartphone Content! + MORE Jan 29th

Google has always used different feature & smartphone specific crawlers referred to as Googlebot-Mobile to index & crawl content. Since, smartphones and feature phones have different device... Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article. .... More »

SEO Update - German / Google Webmaster Central Sprechstunden-Hangout auf Deutsch + MORE Aug 14th

Video German / Google Webmaster Central Sprechstunden-Hangout auf Deutsch.... More »
Break Free of Old SEO & Become the Best Answer for Prospects, Customers & The MediaBetween major algorithmic updates to better filter content, links and aggressive tactics to removing several important signals SEOs use to improve marketing performance of their websites, the search engine optimization game isn’t what it used to be. Change is a constant with SEO but one thing is certain at the moment: A LOT more companies are asking about how they can create some buffer against the volatility of Google organic search listings…

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Google’s view of guest blog posts has come up in industry conversation several times this week. Webmasters and marketers have long engaged in the practice in writing articles for third-party sites as a content marketing strategy. Some have taken it to higher extremes of “SEO,” but regardless of how hard your pushing for a boost in PR from these articles, you might want to consider what Google has been saying about the matter…

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Moz has released the 2013 search engine ranking factors survey, which involved surveying 120 SEO professionals. The 120 individuals ranked different search factors to come up with interesting information that should be considered while optimizing a website for search engines. Read more on Moz… Please visit PageTraffic Buzz for the full article…

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Majestic SEO Upgrade Site ExplorerYesterday Majestic SEO launched a brand new version of Site Explorer including: Improved Screen layout, Anchor Text Charts, Tailored Site Explorer Tabs and Crawl results. We take a look at the new features and improvements – and for those of you who like a challenge you can win a gold star and find some hidden Easter Eggs…

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