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SEO Update – What Do The New Google Updates Mean For Content Marketers: Interview With Greg Secrist At #Pubcon 2013 by @murraynewlands + MORE Oct 31st

SEO Update - What Do The New Google Updates Mean For Content Marketers: Interview With Greg Secrist At #Pubcon 2013 by @murraynewlands + MORE Oct 31st
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SEO Update - Ranking Factors For Mobile SEO: Interview with Marcus Tober of Searchmetrics by @murraynewlands + MORE May 22nd

I recently caught up with Marcus Tober, CTO of Searchmetrics, to discuss ranking factors for mobile SEO. There’s a lot of confusion in the SEO market around this topic, so I used this time with Marcus to get some answers to a few pressing questions. In my interview with Marcus I asked him how mo.... More »
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SEO Update - Best of 2013: No 12 – 6 Great Project Management Tools for Improving Agency Efficiency #bestof2013stod + MORE Dec 25th

During the holiday weeks we will be showing you the 15 best read posts of 2013. Except for on Christmas and New Years day, each day you can read the best articles again, going from number 15 back to number 1. Now it’s time for number 13, originally posted on March 4 2013, a post by Paul Rogers. Th.... More »
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SEO Update - How does Google separate popularity from authority? + MORE Apr 2nd

Video How does Google separate popularity from authority?.... More »
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SEO Update - Sorry, You’re Doing Social Contests Wrong + MORE Jul 10th

Higher engagement rates, increased followers and more website traffic…what’s not to love about social media contests? A lot if your contests catch the eye of the Federal Trade Commission, which happens more often than you’d think. After all, the guidelines on emerging social pla.... More »
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SEO Update - How Your Business User Forum Can Skyrocket Your #SEO by @SocialMktgFella + MORE Jun 5th

A 2012 blog article on claimed the “Top 3 Reasons Forum Links Are Still Worth Your Time”. The idea was even though it’s never a good idea to include a comment on a forum just because you want a backlink, even user forum no-follow links have benefits to marketers and blogge.... More »
Sponsored by Majestic SEO, “Bigger, Better, Faster.” In an interview conducted at Pubcon 2013 in Las Vegas, Greg Secrist of BKA Content discusses the new Google updates and what they mean for content marketers. As the CEO and co-founder of BKA Content, Greg is also a web designer, marketing pro and SEO expert…
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The Rich Snippets Shakeup of 2013

One day you’re “in,” the next day you’re “out.” That seems to be the case for rich snippets, a once very real opportunity for many search engine optimization professionals struggling to differentiate their brands and websites on the Google search results.
Many SEOs have now spent what amounts to months (in some cases years) implementing the schema… Continue Reading On »
Google has always been geared towards bringing end users the most accurate and most relevant information in the shortest time possible. On Google’s 15th anniversary, the search giant announced the release of yet another algorithm update. This is surely good news for students who are constantly required to do Internet research, but what does it mean for the SEOs? What are its implications to the industry? What is this new algorithm exactly? And how is it different from the last update? Google Hummingbird The name of Google’s new search algorithm is called “Hummingbird”…
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Computing principal eigenvectors of large web graphs: Algorithms and accelerations related to pagerank and hits.Enjoy a wide range of dissertations and theses published from graduate schools and universities from around the world. Covering a wide range of academic topics, we are happy to increase overall global access to these works and make them available outside of traditional academic databases. These works are packaged and produced by BiblioLabs under license by ProQuest UMI…
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Help for hacked sites: Overview

Jill Whalen, one of the first major personalities in the SEO industry, who has been practicing SEO for nearly 20 years, has announced she is moving on from SEO. The reason why, may shock some of you. One of the reasons is that she feels that she no longer needs to be the voice “reason…
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All Hallow’s Eve is a festive night full of trick-or-treating, making jack-o’-lanterns and dressing up in costumes that may not exactly be age appropriate. But, it can also be kind of scary. Between all sorts of monsters, ghouls, ghosts, zombies and haunted attractions, it’s a frightening time…
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Visual Guide to Google Mega-SERP!

With Google frequently updating its algorithms, it might be difficult for webmasters to keep up with their Search Engine Results Page. Google has multiple SERPs and there are chances of some of the…
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