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The SEO Obsession

It is being talked about in the SEO circle and all over internet marketing that SEO will soon become secondary in the markets. There will be new sources beyond SEO and that would be the power of syndication networks and social media.


WOW, could it be that people are really starting to believe that word of mouth really does have capability to influence people’s decisions? Actually to me, that’s old news too.


You that are addicted to SEO, I see you over there, checking your stats, freaking out over wanting more clicks and search engine hits. YES…YOU! You addicted people that sit that wondering if you should target more keywords or did I create links that are no follows or heaven forbid if you didn’t know what your page rank was.


Hold on to your seats everyone because as far as I am concerned, SEO isn’t the end all for traffic in the internet world. Yes, I will say that back in its day in the early 2000’s that’s all we knew because if you needed to know something you actually went to look for it whether it was online or at a store or you asked friends via email if they had any clue where to find something.


Well it’s all changed now as far as my thinking goes its heading to syndication networks and social media, the world is slowing moving away from SEO.


Stop and think about it, some great examples that back my thinking on this is Twitter, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook…ah yes I see the light flickering in your eyes, you are getting what I am saying, or are you?


You will get more traffic just from written content then you will by SEO clicks. So, it’s time to put aside your stats and where you are ranking.


My new motto is going to be “Get Social”, go to where the cool kids are hanging out because by being in a social network you will start the conversations rolling and with that participation brings, yes, you got it more traffic! I am so proud!


In today’s world it’s imperative to be in a social network, you can ask about products, get answers, promote your product and business and you can even promote yourself! Putting yourself in front of people any way you can think of via a social network such as a video, blogs, tweets, commenting on blogs that time spent will be the most effective way for you to get the traffic you so desire!


I know, it will be hard to let go of your SEO obsession, but if you head these words and play in as many social media channels as you can possibly manage, you’ll find that a whole new world will be opened up before you!



Be Social

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