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Where Can I Buy Avodart, Ever heard of Google raters. They’re the human eyes that have the pleasure of analyzing and grading your site once it reaches the top of the SERPs for a given query. 20mg Avodart, If you bit and clawed your way to the top only to find your site has sunk into oblivion seemingly out of nowhere, a manual rater may be to blame.

Although Google does manually penalize sites, raters don’t directly cause individual sites to plummet, Avodart australia. The raters assess sites for Google indirectly by way of companies such as Lionbridge and Leapforce, 30mg Avodart, but the results are aggregated and used to make algorithm changes. This is why you actually see your site take a tumble.

These raters don’t give out scores randomly – it’s a highly technical and exhaustive process governed by Google’s Search Quality Handbook. In 2011, portions of that handbook were leaked and Big G scrambled to scrub all traces of it from the Internet, Where Can I Buy Avodart. All those takedown notices and legal warnings were one big exercise in futility, Avodart craiglist, however. Avodart canada, The word was already out and webmasters were correcting their on- and off-page issues with the newfound information in a hurry.

Lighting indeed strikes twice: A new update of the top-secret handbook is out, and 32 pages have been added to the text. There’s a section called “Page Quality Rating Guidelines” added to the mix as well, Avodart us, and this new grading system is rumored to be the result of a little Panda house-cleaning.

Page Quality Guidelines: What’s Changed

Of course, 1000mg Avodart, we can’t show you the actual handbook for fear of copyright violation. But we can tell you about the information that is being widely circulated from the pages.

When analyzing a website, the first thing that a rater must do is assign a grade to a website’s landing page, 750mg Avodart. Where Can I Buy Avodart, The overall grade ranges from highest to lowest, and there are five choices available. The rater also uses the same scale to rank different components of the website, Avodart usa, such as the layout and main content presented.

In the quality rating section, Google hands over some clear instructions for the raters. The guide instructs raters to ignore the search query that a visitor may type in order to get to the site, Avodart japan. For this kind of rating, 100mg Avodart, that information is irrelevant. The reason G wants raters to think in this way when assigning scores is because the page quality must be independently assessed – not assessed in relation to a given term.

There’s an additional section in the guide called “High or Highest Quality Main Content” that describes high quality pages by giving some examples to help the rater judge. I love this part personally because I’m honestly sick to death of seeing spammy affiliate and AdSense sites peddling medical information or content about a hobby when it’s clear to me that the site owner has absolutely no knowledge of the website’s subject whatsoever.

Think about it, Where Can I Buy Avodart. Anyone can slap up a website, Avodart uk, create a few articles, Avodart coupon, paste up some ads, and call it a day. That alone does not make the person an expert in their field, Avodart india. However, Avodart mexico, someone with experience in a field – say a dentist who wants to start a website about dental work for visitors – would have a more valuable website.

Google does have its raters score social networking profile pages too, believe it or not. There’s been a big stink recently over Google giving preferential treatment to its own social network, Avodart ebay, Google+, 200mg Avodart, in the SERPs when millions of Twitter, Facebook, and other major networks had richer content to offer the searcher, 40mg Avodart. Where Can I Buy Avodart, Big G claimed to change all that with the addition of a recent algo change, but how we’ll see social profiles end up panning out in the SERPs in reality may wind up a different story.

A Few Hallmarks of Low-Quality Pages

Google did flesh out low-quality website characteristics in the guide quite a bit. For example, 10mg Avodart, the guide gives raters the example of websites that use excessive amounts of plain speech to get a point across. You know the kind – those painfully bad articles that look like they’re written by a first grader with the annoying habit of repeating something over and over. Don’t put stuff like that on your website, Avodart paypal, plain and simple. Avodart overseas, This should go without saying, but far too many webmasters still hire cut-rate content providers, use spinning software, 50mg Avodart, and expect not to suffer the consequences when they get called on the shady practices.

Thin pages are a target as well. The guide explains that signs to look for include articles that are superficial – they are often written decently (even quite well in some cases), but they only discuss surface-level info you can find in the introduction of any Wikipedia article.

Here’s another fun fact: Google is concerned with the website’s reputation online as well, Where Can I Buy Avodart. 500mg Avodart, This factors into the overall credibility of the site after all, and G asks raters to do a little legwork to get the goods for this task. For instance, 150mg Avodart, Google suggests in the guide that raters search for the website’s homepage with the work “reviews” or “complaints” attached to get the skinny on what others have experienced or think about the website in question around the ‘net. 250mg Avodart,

Implications for Webmasters

So, what should webmasters take away from all this information. Plenty – in fact, you can use the actual excerpts from the article over at Search Engine Land. Do it quick – Google’s notorious for making websites take the goods down with lighting quickness once the search giant discovers the leak.

You can use the tidbits from the guide for application to your own sites, but another good tactic is to return to Google’s official quality guidelines repeatedly until you feel your site is where it needs to be. For those of you that forgot your roots, here’s a little refresher course:


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