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Advertising on Facebook Gives Higher Conversion

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New Video Reveals Google’s Stance on Hidden Links

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SEOmoz Turns Google Updates into Pretty Weather Reports

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Twitter for Sale! Top Bidders: Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook are in a hot dash to acquire Twitter, rumours has it. The two web giants are out to outdo each other in what would most like determine who will become the King of the web jungle.   Twitter recorded an outstanding 200 million subscription in 2010. According to the report, Googl.... More »

Generally, Facebook users tend to stay longer within an application, this is why it has been found that advertising on Facebook gives a higher conversion rate and creates a loyal followership. It might also be because of Facebook’s customizable tabs, which make it easy to add a subscribtion form, contest or any other content.

Facebook announced that it will soon launch a new way to customize tabs using iFrames instead of FBML which is the current method of customization. It will make it easier to use a Facebook tab as a landing page and give the opportunity to advertise without spamming.

This has its setbacks because it gives an allowance only 520 pixels wide. But the benefits far outweigh the limitations.

Do you have a Facebook page? How do you use it in your advertising campaign? Will using iFrames make it more convenient?


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