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Advertising on Facebook Gives Higher Conversion

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Google Surfs for Groupon Rival

It was reported here that Groupon turned down Google’s bid to acquire it; this came after the online community was rife with rumors and speculation. After being turned down by Groupon, Google seems to be on the haunt for another coupon service site. This was reported a few days ago by Josh Kosman.... More »

Google Farmer Update Being Tweaked

A little while ago I wrote about the Google Farmer Update in this blog. It seems as though Google is already updating the update. Apparently there were some innocent bystanders affected by this most recent update. A lot of webmasters were complaining that their sites were unfairly targeted. So to co.... More »

More People Get Information from the Internet

The internet has become the primary source of information for more young people than TV. Pew Research released a report earlier today stating this fact. According to the report, more young people cite the internet than TV. The survey was carried out over a period of 5 days in December of 2010 and t.... More »

New Online Discount Shopping Network

Hewitt Jackson, the tax preparer firm recently launched an online Discount Shopping Network that offers cash back incentives from more than eight hundred retailers including retailers like Sears, Kmart, Best Buy, Staples and Target. The Discount Shopping Network is the first phase of the compan.... More »
Facebook Unveils Suite of Spanking New Marketing Tools

Facebook Unveils Suite of Spanking New Marketing Tools

A Facebook engineer recently announced the introduction of new marketing tools for Pages. The news came by way of a post on the official Facebook Developers Blog on Monday. In the post, Omid Saadati unveiled the new features in detail, and he noted the ways in which they would effectively simplify t.... More »

Generally, Facebook users tend to stay longer within an application, this is why it has been found that advertising on Facebook gives a higher conversion rate and creates a loyal followership. It might also be because of Facebook’s customizable tabs, which make it easy to add a subscribtion form, contest or any other content.

Facebook announced that it will soon launch a new way to customize tabs using iFrames instead of FBML which is the current method of customization. It will make it easier to use a Facebook tab as a landing page and give the opportunity to advertise without spamming.

This has its setbacks because it gives an allowance only 520 pixels wide. But the benefits far outweigh the limitations.

Do you have a Facebook page? How do you use it in your advertising campaign? Will using iFrames make it more convenient?


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