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Baskin-Robbins Latest Company to Launch Giveaway Campaign on Facebook

Baskin-Robbins recently announced a giveaway campaign for their "fans" on Facebook. Called "Group Scoop", fans can sign up for their own group or join someone else's. Once a group has 31 members (to correlate with their "31 flavors"), everyone gets a coupon for a free 2.5 oz scoop of ice cream or a 3 oz swirl of soft serve.


Baskin-Robbins is just the latest in a long line of companies using Facebook to launch social networking campaigns. Most companies challenge to fans to invite friends to "like" their Facebook page, join  fan groups (like Baskin-Robbins has done), or post status messages mentioning the company. Companies instantly boost brand awareness on Facebook with this unique kind of word of mouth marketing. In return, fans are rewarded with freebies or entries into sweepstakes sponsored by the company.


Social Networks have become the newest, and often most effective, medium for spreading brand awareness with minimum investment and maximum benefit. Companies are quickly learning that in order to keep with the trend, they not only need to have a presence on social networks like Facebook, but also use their page to encourage fans to help spread the word.


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