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Better Chat Coming to Facebook

Facebook users love to chat but they have often found that the chat feature on the popular social networking site to be lacking. Thankfully, all that is changing. Facebook has announced that it will allow the more than 500 million members to chat with each other better. The chat feature is being improved and more upgrades are being planned to make it even better for all users.


Chat has already been made faster in just the last couple of weeks. Facebook developers have made the chat feature more stable, which is a great welcome among the many chat users. Many of the bugs that have made using the chat feature nothing more than a time-consuming pain have already been worked out. The actual technology upon which Facebook chat runs is also being improved.


Improvements are being made to the way the actual connections are established as well as the way that messages are sent. This can make it a lot more fun to talk with friends, and will make it easier for any business that enjoys using the chat feature to connect with customers. This can greatly help businesses to grow and even thrive online.


The majority of Facebook users who actively use the chat feature will be very happy with the changes that Facebook is making. Some of the issues that Facebook is just now beginning to address in their chat feature are issues that have often annoyed users. Many are things that are embarrassing because they are issues that should have been fixed long ago. Now that they are being addressed, Facebook can expect many more users to enjoy using the chat.


Those people who are still using Internet Explorer 6 will most likely not be very happy with the new upgrades to the chat feature. On September 15th all support for IE6 will be discontinued. This is because the browser will not able to handle the upgrades.


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