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Facebook Acquires Hot Potato; Great News for Social Media Networking

Facebook announced today that it’s purchasing Hot Potato, a special kind of check-in service. While other similar services only allow users to list actual physical locations for which they are checking into (say, for instance, a restaurant they are visiting), Hot Potato takes it a few steps further. Those registered with Hot Potato are allowed to also list check-ins for thing like books they’re reading or songs they’re listening to.

This opens up a whole new world for those involved in social media networking and advertising. With these new features, companies of all kinds can reach out to Facebook fans and encourage them to use the check-in service to cite the company’s service or product. Talk about taking Word of Mouth Marketing to a new level. Each time Facebook user update their check-in statuses and indicate they are reading a particular book, the author gains exposure to all of the friends of each user.

This new feature emphasizes the importance of using Facebook as an effective advertising tool. Businesses with Facebook pages are given an inexpensive means of reaching thousands of new customers daily. Companies that haven’t taken the plunge should do so now before they miss out completely.


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