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Facebook Notes Get A New Layout

Facebook is making all kinds of changes to it's applications as of late, leaving some to believe it's thanks to potential competition from Google's soon-to-be-released social networking site. One of the latest is the changes it's made to the layout of its Notes application.


These changes to the layout and features make it easier and quicker for users to create and find their own notes, as well as notes posted by their friends.


Notes can now be formatted easier using a familiar text editor. This allows users to simply click formatting icons and avoid the hassle of learning HTML for the publishing of something as simple as a note.


A cleaner layout allows the user to more easily find notes. A left-hand menu lists notes users have written, as well as drafts, and notes others have written about them.


Facebook pages may now be tagged in notes. Previously, only friends could be tagged in notes, which means that businesses now have the opportunity to get even more bang for their social networking advertising buck.


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