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Facebook with 297 Billion Ad Impressions Display

The common attitude among financial analysts and the online community in general has been one of doubt concerning whether Facebook would be able to successfully monetize its platform and profit from it. According to a new research from comScore, Facebook has succeeded beyond expectations.

The new study revealed that Facebook gathered a staggering 297 billion display ad impressions during the months of July, August, and September just in the U.S. alone. Expressing their astonishment, Andrew Lipsman, a spokesperson for the research firm said "We’ve been reporting display ads for about 3-plus years, and this is the most rapid growth I’ve seen from a top publisher in that time period,"

Since Facebook's share of display ad impressions in the U.S. alone has grown from 9.2 percent last year in Q3 to 23.1 percent this year, it effectively places Facebook first among online ad sellers. Yahoo Properties with an average of 141 billion display ad impressions comes second and has 11 percent of the market. While Microsoft properties, Fox Interactive Media and Google properties were third, fourth and fifth respectively. Aol with 2.5 percent was sixth.

The comScore report only shows that if you have not been advertising your business online, you might need to re-think your marketing strategy to take online ads into consideration.

If you do advertise online, what platform do you use? Any specific reason for using that platform?


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