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How to Make Money with Social Networking

When it comes to making money with internet marketing, social networking websites definitely play a large role. Facebook and Twitter are perhaps two of the largest social networking sites on the web today that will help you make money in your internet marketing efforts. Whether you're promoting your own business or an affiliate product, there's money to be made when you put social networks to use.

Setting up Social Networks

The first step you'll need to take when getting things in motion for your internet marketing money-making venture is to set up your social network profiles. Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and any other social networks that you want to use. Google Buzz is a newer social network that will definitely help if you leverage it in the right manner. You can sign up for Google Buzz through your Gmail service.

When you create each of your social networking profiles, you'll want to be sure that each is inter-connected. In other words, link your Facebook page to your Twitter account, place links of your MySpace and Facebook profiles on your Twitter account. In addition, you'll need to make sure that you have links going out to your main internet marketing, affiliate marketing, or business website so that your friends and visitors will have ample chance to click through to your site.

Promoting your Social Networks

After you've gotten your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter all ready to go, you're going to have to work on promoting them, gaining popularity and friends, as well as updating your profiles on a regular basis. Facebook and MySpace make it pretty simple to gain friends and Twitter makes it easy to gain followings. In all cases, you can find people to connect with that are near your geographic region or who share your same interests. To maximize your earning potential with social networking, you'll want to add as many 'friends' as you can so that you have more people to promote to when it comes time to make money.

Updating your Profiles

Post relevant information to each of your Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter accounts on a daily basis. If you have some important piece of news or information that you want to get out immediately, send a tweet with that information. If you include a link to the affiliate or sales page where your followers can buy and sign up then you'll have a chance to make money.

The same principle applies to your Facebook status. You'll need to keep it updated with fresh information about what you're doing and give your friends plenty of chances to click on links so that you can make money. For example, if you post a status update about some really interesting or cool product and make a recommendation to your entire network of Facebook friends then you have just marketed a new product.

The major principle that underlies making money with social network websites has to do with the amount of friends you have or how big your network is. In short, having a large network of friends gives you more chances to promote your own business or affiliate product. Making hundreds or thousands of dollars each month as a result of social networking is an attainable goal for most people. The trick, however, lies in what you promote, how many friends you have, and your dedication to each of your social networking profiles.


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