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New Foursquare Tools Provide Statistics For Business Owners

The challenge with advertising is that users have a propensity to ignore ads that are not highly targeted. Even specifically targeted ads are mostly ignored, which is why you see more and more of them taking up screen real estate. And targeting is even more of a challenge when users are mobile, but mobility also presents a whole new way to interact with and monetize users.

Foursquare is one of the more interesting companies in the location-based services (LBS) space. While Foursquare hasn’t anywhere near the user base of Facebook or Twitter, the users are very beneficial as they promote the places they go and things they do simply by mentioning them in their communication stream.

We're starting to see location-based offers more often in the U.S. thanks largely to mobile devices that have evolved quite significantly. However, location-based services like Foursquare haven't been very appealing to some over privacy concerns. Broadcasting your location to the world with Foursquare is a very delicate proposition. Most people already have Facebook and Twitter for staying connected and are hesitant to take on another social networking service.

Foursquare has developed plans to distribute a new analytics tool and dashboard in the upcoming weeks that will give business owners access to a variety of information and statistics about visitors to their establishments. This will mean that businesses can more effectively target users with specific offers and ads.

If it proves to be incredibly easy for businesses to create actionable offers, the Foursquare business service should be an excellent way to target users.


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