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Show Me Yours I’ll Show You Mine: Facebook Updates Get Intimate

Facebook status updates sported several different colors Thursday after a viral campaign swept the internet asking female users to share what color their bras are in an effort to support breast cancer awareness. Page 1 Solutions, an online marketing and search engine optimization company in Golden Colorado says this is an exciting preview of how businesses can take advantage of social marketing sites.

'There's little information about why this spread so quickly," says Dan Goldstein, President of Page 1 Solutions. "It went global in less than a day and it shows how social media marketing offers a fantastic opportunity to launch campaigns instantaneously, if they use innovative and fresh ideas.'

Women and men Worldwide are updating their Facebook pages with updates that simply state: "Blue" "Green" and "Pink Lace." Groups are emerging who support the cause; though it seems few know how it is actually supporting breast cancer awareness. There are also groups saying, "I really don't care what color your bra is!" No matter what category you fall in, there is one thing that cannot be disputed, this is an exciting new way to use Social Networking sites and it is likely just the beginning of similar campaigns.

Social networking was once left to the younger generation; used to connect with college friends, share photos, music, etc. It has since then become something businesses cannot ignore. Facebook reports 350 million users, 35 million of which update their status profiles each day. Their numbers alone speak to businesses and groups of the undefined opportunity available online.


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